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Large Set of 14 PC Food Storage Containers with Dual Purpose Gray Lids

Large Set of 14 PC Food Storage Containers with Dual Purpose Gray Lids

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  • Ultimate Huge Set, Pantry Staples Organized - 28 pc Food Storage Containers ! (14 containers with 14 lids) - 4 Containers - 16.9oz (0.5L), 4 Containers - 30.4oz (0.9L), 4 Containers - 40.5oz (1.2L), 2 Containers - 84.5oz (2.5L)
  • Easy to Handle Shazo 14 Container Set. With Our Innovative Design Shazo Container Set Is The Ultimate Solution For organizing and Keeping Food Fresh and Dry in your pantry .Perfect for rice , spaghetti , cookie also Great Use For Crafts, Sewing, Office Supplies, Garage And More.
  • Innovative Design - With Our Innovative Design Shazo Container Set is the ultimate solution for keeping food fresh and dry. Also great use for crafts, sewing, office supplies, garage and more. 
  • BPA-Free, Abs & San Plastic Clear Container - Food Grade. Shazo clear containers make identifying and locating content easy.
  • Easy Locate Lids - Shazo lids are interchangeable which means you do not have to worry about matching lids to containers after each wash, one lid fits all containers.
  • Space Saver, Slim, Airtight, Modular Design, Dishwasher Safe - Remove those bags and boxes of pasta, cookies, chips, baking supplies, etc.
  • Modular Shazo Containers space efficient design – Maximizes your shelf space. Lids snap tight for a secure airtight seal to help keep items fresh.
  • Easy Handle - Comfortable grip allows for easy handling and graduation marks make measuring easy! NOT tall, perfect for smaller space storage (please refer to image with dimensions).
  • Graduation Marks - Measuring scale/ Graduation Marks on Containers for easy measurements
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