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Dry Food Storage 9 PC - Shazo Shop
Dry Food Storage 9 PC - Shazo Shop
Dry Food Storage 9 PC - Shazo Shop
Dry Food Storage 9 PC - Shazo Shop
Dry Food Storage 9 PC - Shazo Shop
Dry Food Storage 9 PC - Shazo Shop
Dry Food Storage 9 PC - Shazo Shop
Dry Food Storage 9 PC - Shazo Shop
Dry Food Storage 9 PC - Shazo Shop
Dry Food Storage 9 PC - Shazo Shop
Dry Food Storage 9 PC - Shazo Shop
Dry Food Storage 9 PC - Shazo Shop

Set of 9 PC Dry Food Storage Containers


Revolutionize your spice storage with the Shazo Airtight Food Storage Container set, featuring 9 containers, each with a generous 0.9 liter capacity. This amazingly designed collection simplifies organization by providing uniformly sized containers, ensuring a seamless and efficient storage experience.

Step into the realm of convenience with airtight technology, preserving the aromatic freshness of your spices. The sophisticated grey color adds a timeless charm to your kitchen, while the set of nine offers versatile storage options, contributing to a well-organized culinary space.

Welcome to the pinnacle of kitchen organization – the Airtight Food Containers Set of nine in Grey (0.9L). This thoughtfully curated collection is your comprehensive solution for all spice storage needs.

You can well organize your spices on the countertop with these nine elegant grey airtight containers, each boasting a 0.9 liter capacity. Designed for both efficiency and aesthetics, these containers are the perfect addition to any spice enthusiast's kitchen.

With airtight technology at its core, these containers guarantee a secure seal, preserving the potency of your stored spices. The grey color infuses sophistication into your kitchen and the set of nine offers multiple storage options for a variety of spices and dry foods.

Spice Up Your Storage: Shazo's Set of 9 Grey Containers –

A Symphony of Freshness and Organization!

Made for daily use, these containers boast specifications tailored for practicality. Featuring airtight seals and a 0.9 liter capacity, they accommodate various spices, ensuring freshness and convenience.

We transcend the ordinary container,

aiming to provide convenient and improved kitchen solutions

The secure snap lids of the Set of 9 in Grey (0.9L)

ensure airtight sealing for hassle-free spice storage.

In Every Pinch, Perfection: Shazo's Set of 9 Grey Spice Containers,

Your Spice Symphony

Dependable Snap-Locking Mechanism Ensuring the enduring freshness of your spices, the secure snap-locking mechanism, paired with a reliable silicone seal, establishes a robust safeguard. This dynamic duo not only preserves the flavors and quality of your stored spices but also prolongs their lifespan.

Revolutionize your spice organization seamlessly, prioritize safety with BPA-Free plastic, and make a health-conscious decision for your family.

Simplify your spice pantry organization effortlessly, as we take pride in delivering products that streamline your storage needs.

Opting for Shazo not only grants you access to convenient and reliable spice storage solutions but also signifies a health-conscious choice for you and your family.

Customer Reviews

Based on 412 reviews
Jill Flores
Quality Has Changed

I bought my first set over a year ago, and I loved them. They are durable, airtight, and easy to use. I just received my second order and they are not the same. The seals are not as strong (many seals are scrunched), the plastic is cheaper, the design is slightly altered so that it is not as wide as the first batch. The second batch says made in China on the bottom where as the first batch doesn't. I will not order these again. And, I will not recommend them to anyone unless they change back to their first design.

Stephanie Robbins
Great for my tea cabinet

I LOVE loose leaf tea and was using mason jars for storage before. These containers can stack and have cute labels as well. They make my tea cabinet look much more organized which is a great way to start the day :)

Ofra Tessler
Very nice square boxes

The plastic boxes are very nice. They are a great size, they seal well and stack nicely. I will probably buy more of them.

Great poduct

The containers are airtight and work well


Worked out great, I used them for my spices